Value Based P4P

California's Value Based Pay for Performance Program

Working with California health plans and physician organizations over the past 15 years, IHA’s Value Based Pay for Performance (VBP4P) program has grown into one of the largest alternative payment models in the country. Today, participants include 10 health plans and over 200 California physician organizations caring for over 9 million Californians enrolled in commercial health maintenance organization (HMO) and point of service (POS) products.

The program has four key components:  a common set of measures and benchmarks; health plan incentive payments to physician organizations; public reporting of physician organization results; and public recognition awards.  Adoption of a common performance measures and benchmarks across health plans and physician organizations helps harness collective market forces to drive improvements in patient care. Additionally, aggregation of data across participating health plans significantly improves measurement reliability and validity and decreases reporting burden for physician organizations by eliminating competing and conflicting health plan rating systems.

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