About Us

The nonprofit Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) convenes diverse stakeholders, including physician organizations, hospitals and health systems, health plans, purchasers and consumers committed to high-value integrated care that improves quality and affordability for patients across California and the nation.



Our work generates insights and actionable information for industry leaders and policymakers to improve quality, reduce costs, and increase transparency in health care. Complex issues require a trusted, neutral convener that can solve problems and achieve results for all stakeholders—a role IHA has held successfully for more than a decade.


We work with stakeholders to advance performance measurement and incentives that are essential to high-value, integrated patient care and enable public reporting of comparative performance information. Our regional and statewide initiatives include the California Value-Based Pay for Performance program—a statewide collaboration of 10 health plans and over 200 physician organizations caring for 9 million patients.  


We incubate pilot programs and demonstration projects and collaborate with diverse stakeholders to accelerate integrated care. Our unique forum convenes health care leaders to assess industry-wide issues and activate data-driven solutions.

Our Purpose

IHA promotes the continuing evolution of integrated health care, supported by financial mechanisms that align the incentives of purchasers, payers, and providers, as the best means to achieve the most positive outcomes for patients and the general public in California.

IHA Organization Overview