Quality Measurement

The key to better health care value is providing quality while effectively managing costs. Quality measurement is critical to monitoring health plan and provider performance and ensuring patients receive appropriate care.  IHA is at the forefront of developing quality measurement programs that drive health care value. Our quality measures include clinical quality, patient experience and meaningful use of health information technology (IT).

In the early years of the California Pay for Performance (P4P) program, IHA initially focused solely on improving quality. Now, by merging quality, cost and resource use measures into a single incentive program across multiple health plans, our Value Based P4P (VBP4P) is one of the largest alternative payment models in the country. Clinical quality measurement focuses on six priority areas: prevention, cardiovascular, diabetes, maternity, musculoskeletal and respiratory conditions and includes process and outcome measures, using standardized national measures when possible.  

Quality measurement is a key component in several IHA programs and projects: