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IHA relies on our committees to help shape our programs and drive our success as an organization. These groups give our members a voice on vital issues that impact our work and the future of healthcare. Made up of leaders from across the healthcare industry, they meet throughout the year to have discussions, tackle problems, and make decisions about our AMP programs, Symphony Provider Directory, and other IHA initiatives.

Program Governance Committee

The Program Governance Committee oversees the strategy and direction for all of IHA’s programs. This multi-stakeholder group also helps us monitor the integrity of our programs—making sure they are financially viable and benefit the industry as a whole.

Chair: Vacant

Cathy Hughes: Aetna
Joel Gray: Anthem
Aliza Arjoyan: Blue Shield of California
Kenneth Phenow, MD: Cigna
Erik Korolev: Health Net
Jacqueline Simpson: UnitedHealthcare
Khuram Arif, MD: Western Health Advantage
Cary Shames, DO: Sharp Health Plan
Anil Keswani, MD: Scripps Health (TPC Chair)
Andrea Snyder: Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group
Mark Schafer, MD: MemorialCare Medical Foundation
Larry deGhetaldi, MD: Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sutter Health
Suketu Sanghvi, MD: The Permanente Medical Group
Vacant: Covered California
Jeff Rideout, MD: IHA
Cheryl Damberg, PhD: RAND
Jeff Burnich, MD: Canopy Health
Christine Castano, MD: Optum (TMC Chair)
Paul Keller: LA Care (DGC Chair)

Technical Measurement Committee

The Technical Measurement Committee (TMC) advises the Governance Committee on technical issues related to performance measurement in our AMP program. The group brings together technical experts from across the industry and the state of California who help guide measure set development.

Chair: Christine Castano, MD: Optum

Pegah Mehdizadeh, DO: Aetna
Leticia Schumann: Anthem
Tory Robinson: Blue Shield of California
Kenneth Phenow, MD: Cigna
Eric Garthwaite: Health Net
Ranyan Lu, PhD: UnitedHealthcare
Sara Frampton: Kaiser Permanente Health Plan
Chris Jioras: Humboldt-Del Norte IPA
Marnie Baker, MD: MemorialCare Medical Group
Sherilyn Wheaton, MD: Primary Medical
Edward Yu, MD: Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sutter Health
Ralph Vogel, PhD: Southern California Permanente Medical Group
Rachel Brodie: Purchaser Business Group on Health
Alice Gunderson: PFCCpartners’ Patient Advisor Network
Ting Pun: PFCCpartners’ Patient Advisor Network
Cheryl Damberg, PhD: RAND
Alyson Spencer: Blue Shield Promise Health Plan

Technical Payment Committee

The Technical Payment Committee (TPC) advises the Governance Committee on technical issues related to incentive payment design for IHA’s AMP program. It brings together technical experts from across the industry and the state of California to help develop our value-based incentive design.

Chair: Anil Keswani, MD: Scripps Health

Ritu Grover: Aetna
Zhongchen Ma: Anthem
Carla Allison: Cigna
Jim Orchison: Health Net
Matthew Low: UnitedHealthcare
Andres Aguirre: Sharp Health Plan
Caroline Goldzweig, MD: Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation
Khanh Nguyen, PharmD: Hill Physicians Medical Group
Jamie Phillips: NAMM California
Linda Deaktor: MedPOINT Management
Marcy Norenius: Meritage Medical Network
David Seidenwurm, MD: Sutter Medical Group
Andrew See: Kaiser Permanente Health Plan
Patricia Mowlavi: Blue Shield Promise Health Plan

Data Governance Committee

The Data Governance Committee advises the Governance Committee on data policies, data quality, and application of regulatory compliance. The initial focus of the DGC will primarily be on the Symphony Provider Directory. The DGC brings together experts from Symphony health plans and provider organizations representing industry stakeholders across California.

Chair: Paul Keller: L.A. Care Health Plan

Chekesha Jackson: Aetna
Lorena Cardenas: Anthem
Craig Lucero: Blue Shield of California
Serra Fox: Covered California
Kristina Rodriguez: Health Net
Pamela Dennis: Hill Physicians
Pauny Rezai: Kaiser Permanente
Quincy Roberts: MedPOINT Management
Debbie McClure: Optum
Yolanda Hunt-Boes: Sharp Health Plan
Sara Pouliot: Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group
Jennifer Clark: Stanford Health Care
Keith Koszuta: UnitedHealthcare