AMP Commercial HMO

AMP Commercial HMO Program

IHA’s Align. Measure. Perform. (AMP) programs use a fair and transparent approach to measurement, and they focus on creating comprehensive benchmarks and a reliable assessment of performance for medical groups, independent practice association (IPAs), and accountable care organizations (ACOs) across health plans. The AMP programs are recognized nationally for partnering with organizations across California and the nation to drive meaningful changes that reduce costs and improve healthcare quality and outcomes. Paired with the insights from Atlas, the AMP programs help partners reduce the reporting burden for payers and providers by using a standard measure set to deliver objective data and analysis that supports performance improvement. 

The AMP Commercial HMO program (formerly known as Value Based Pay for Performance) is the cornerstone upon which all of IHA’s performance measurement programs were built. Initiated in 2001, the program now includes participation from eleven health plans and about 200 California physician organizations caring for over 9 million Californians enrolled in commercial HMO and point of service products—representing 95% of commercial HMO enrollment in the state. AMP Commercial HMO has four key components: a common set of measures and benchmarks that spans clinical quality, patient experience, utilization, and cost of care measures; value-based health plan incentive payments to physician organizations; public reporting of Triple Aim performance results for physician organizations; and public recognition awards. The AMP Commercial HMO program has demonstrated lasting and meaningful gains in quality performance, suggesting that a common performance signal supports targeted improvement efforts.

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