Public recognition is a key component of IHA’s AMP Commercial HMO program. Each year, IHA recognizes top-performing physician organizations as well as those demonstrating the greatest year-to-year improvement regionally.

Excellence in Healthcare Recognition

The Excellence in Healthcare Award recognizes physician organizations that achieve top marks on quality and patient experience measures while effectively managing costs. To earn this recognition, physician organizations must perform in the top 50 percent in all three major AMP measurement areas: clinical quality, patient experience, and total cost of care.

2019 Excellence in Healthcare Award Winners (MY 2018)

2016 Excellence in Healthcare Award Winners (MY 2015)

2015 Excellence in Healthcare Award Winners (MY 2014)

Top 10% Recognition

IHA recognizes physician organizations with exemplary domain-specific performance, where organizations that perform in the top ten percent of participating physician organizations in one or more AMP domains: clinical quality, patient experience, or total cost of care.

2019 Top 10% Honorees (MY 2018)

2018 Top 10% Honorees (MY 2017)

2017 Top 10% Honorees (MY 2016)

Ronald P. Bangasser, M.D., Memorial Recognition for Quality Improvement

In memory of Dr. Bangasser (1950-2007), a family physician and tireless champion of quality improvement, IHA recognizes eight physician organizations—one from each of 8 CA regions— demonstrating the greatest year-to-year quality improvement based on measures of clinical quality and patient experience.

2019 Quality Improvement Honorees (MY 2018)

2018 Quality Improvement Honorees (MY 2017)

2017 Quality Improvement Honorees (MY 2016)

Physician Organization Recognition Methodologies

MY 2018 Physician Organization Recognition Methodologies

Media Guidelines

IHA Media Guidelines for Award Winners