Three governing committees oversee the Value Based Pay for Performance (VBP4P) program. Committee membership includes equal representation from health plans and physician organizations.  Committee chairs are respected industry leaders who facilitate the technical measurement, incentive payment design, and strategic direction of the VBP4P program.

Value Based P4P Governance Committee

Role: Set the strategy and direction for the VBP4P program and serve as its governing body. 


Richard Fish: Brown & Toland Physicians


Parag Agnihotri, MD: Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group (TMC Chair)
Ray Chicoine: Monarch Healthcare
Larry deGhetaldi, MD: Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Terri Guzy: Health Net
Terry Hill, MD: Hill Physicians
Don Hufford, MD: Western Health Advantage
Barsam Kasravi, MD: Anthem
Anil Keswani, MD: Scripps Health (TPC Chair)
Deanna Kyrimis: Arch Health Partners
Teri Lauenstein: Cigna
Janet Lundbye: UnitedHealthcare
Philip Madvig, MD: The Permanente Medical Group
Aliza Arjoyan: Blue Shield of California
Mark Schafer, MD: MemorialCare Medical Foundation
Cary Shames, DO: Sharp Health Plan
Greg Stevens: Aetna
Diane Stewart: California Quality Collaborative (Pacific Business Group on Health)

Value Based P4P Technical Measurement Committee

Role: Advise the VBP4P Governance Committee on technical issues related to measurement.

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Parag Agnihotri, MD: Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group


Marnie Baker, MD: MemorialCare Medical Group
Christine Castano, MD: HealthCare Partners
Cheryl Damberg, PhD: RAND
Ellen Fagan: Cigna
John Ford, MD: Family Practice Physician
Peggy Haines: Health Net
Chris Jioras: Humboldt-Del Norte IPA
Janeth Kim, MD: Aetna
Boyd Lebow: Blue Shield of California
Ranyan Lu, PhD: UnitedHealthcare
Leticia Schumann: Anthem Blue Cross
Ralph Vogel, PhD:  SoCal Permanente Medical Group

Value Based P4P Technical Payment Committee

Role: Advise the VBP4P Governance Committee on technical issues related to incentive payment design.


Anil Keswani, MD: Scripps Health

Carla Allison: Cigna
Eric French: Health Net
Caroline Goldzweig, MD: Cedars-Sinai Medical Care Foundation
Ritu Grover: Aetna
Travis Herzog: Anthem Blue Cross
Leigh Hutchins: NAMM California
Ian Lebby: Blue Shield of California
Matthew Low: UnitedHealthcare
Khanh Nguyen: Hill Physicians
Judy Shubin: MemorialCare Medical Foundatio