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Public recognition is an important part of the AMP program. Your provider organization’s recognition is tangible evidence of your hard work and commitment to improving care. It’s also an important differentiator and a competitive edge.

Each year, we recognize top-performing providers and those demonstrating the greatest year-to-year improvement.

AMP Commercial HMO awards


Top 10 % Performers

Our Top 10% Domain Performance awards recognize providers who perform in the top 10% in one or more of AMP’s measurement areas: clinical quality, patient experience, or total cost of care.

Ronald P. Bangasser, MD, Memorial Recognition for Quality Improvement

Each year, we recognize eight organizations—one from each California region—that demonstrate the greatest year-to-year improvement in clinical quality and patient experience.

Excellence in Healthcare

Our Excellence in Healthcare award recognizes providers who perform in the top 50% in all three AMP measurement areas: clinical quality, patient experience, and cost.

AMP Medicare Advantage awards


Medicare Stars Quality

Each year, we recognize provider organizations that perform well by earning an overall Medicare Advantage star rating of 5 or 4.5 stars against national benchmarks established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) across a set of Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (Prescription Drug Plan) performance measures.

Medicare Stars Quality Improvement

We determine Medicare Stars Quality Improvement recognition by calculating the improvement in the number of overall stars for each provider organization on the overall Medicare Stars score for this year compared to the overall score for last year. The provider organizations that improved by at least 1/2 a star are recognized as the most improved provider organizations in California.

Recognition methodologies

Learn how we determine the award winners for our recognition categories.

IHA media guidelines for award winners

Your AMP recognition is an accomplishment worth sharing with your community and internal stakeholders. Take a look at these guidelines as you plan your marketing and communications activities.