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Mapping opportunities for healthcare improvement

IHA’s California Healthcare Cost & Quality Atlas measures healthcare performance across the state. The publicly available tool looks at clinical quality, hospital utilization, and cost of care metrics by geography for 30 million Californians.

The Atlas gives us a snapshot of where healthcare is performing well and where it’s not. And this visibility can lead to improved care and reduced disparities for Californians.

Measuring healthcare performance

The Atlas includes performance information for:

  • Commercial HMOs & PPOs
  • Medicare Advantage & Fee-For-Service
  • Medi-Cal Managed Care
  • Provider risk-sharing arrangements
  • Accountable Care Organizations
  • Large, small, and self-insured employers
  • Individually insured members
  • Members with select chronic conditions


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Guiding the way to a healthier future

The Atlas makes healthcare improvement possible. Purchasers, providers, health plans, policymakers, regulators, and even consumers use insights from the Atlas to move care forward.

Visit the Atlas website to see how healthcare is performing across different regions in California.

Want to see how healthcare is performing across California?

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