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Meet our partners in encounter data improvement

To advance encounter data improvement statewide as California’s Encounter Data Governance Entity, we’re working with leading organizations in provider technical assistance and industry collaboration.

California Medical Association Physician Services


The California Medical Association (CMA) is a state-based association that represents nearly 50,000 California physicians. Established in 2019, CMA Physician Services is a subsidiary of CMA that focuses on providing services and tools to enable California physicians to improve administrative processes, diversify revenue streams and maximize autonomy so they can practice in the modality of their choosing.

CMA Physician Services partners with IHA to provide encounter data improvements to California’s provider practices. As part of the initiative, CMA Physician Services will develop resources, such as policy and procedures, toolkits, and webinars, to support provider practices improve encounter data submission. Access CMA Physician Services’ Encounter Data 101 Presentation.

California Primary Care Association


California Primary Care Association (CPCA) works to lead and position community clinics, health centers, and networks through advocacy, education, and services as key players in the health care delivery system to improve the health status of their communities. CPCA currently supports over 1,330 community clinics and health center sites across all 58 counties. Under the purview of CPCA, the Regional Associations of California provide additional support and services to health center organizations in 43 counties.

CPCA is partnering with IHA to bring encounter data improvement to California’s community health centers. Between mid-2021 and March 2022, CPCA conducted an assessment to understand the encounter data training needs of its community health center members throughout the state. Using these findings, they partnered with Institute for High-Quality Care to develop and conduct a customized training, which introduced trainees to a framework for improving encounter data. The 90-minute training helped leaders at community health centers recognize that improvements in the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of encounter data submissions will help to better reflect the high quality of services that they provide to more than seven million diverse, safety-net patients throughout California. Access the CPCA and IHCQ training and accompanying resources.

Health Industry Collaboration Effort


Health Industry Collaboration Effort (HICE) is a voluntary, multidisciplinary, broad-based industry collaborative convened to create standardized reporting tools and solutions for health plans and delegated entities to utilize. HICE mobilizes volunteers from the healthcare industry to develop educational and “best practice” materials designed to streamline, simplify, and standardize healthcare regulatory policies and procedures. A particular area of focus and expertise is developing operational solutions for implementing regulations that require collaboration between health plans and their provider partners.

HICE is facilitating the implementation of data standards for encounter data improvement through its Encounters Standardization Team and its participation in IHA’s Data Governance Committee. Learn more about the HICE Encounters Standardization Team.

What is IHA’s connection to Health Net, LLC’s Encounter Data Improvement Program?

Health Net, LLC, one of California’s most experienced managed care plans, selected IHA to serve as the Encounter Data Governance Entity after the issuance of a statewide RFP in 2021. EDGE is the centerpiece of Health Net’s Encounter Data Improvement Program, a grantmaking effort developed in collaboration with the Department of Managed Health Care.