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CMA Physician Services’ Encounter Data 101 Presentation was developed to highlight the importance of encounter data submission for provider practices. This presentation will help providers and their staff understand the purpose of submitting timely and accurate encounter data, identify the difference between encounter and claims data, and share tips on how to improve encounter data submission.


CMA Physician Services
Mitzi Young, Associate Director of Practice Strategy in the Center for Economic Services
Vincent Vinh, Associate Director of Physician Services

Why use it
Many providers may be asking themselves, what is the encounter data problem and what does it mean to me? The Encounter Data 101 Presentation covers the essential information on what encounter data is, why it matters, and how providers can begin to improve encounter data processes.

Who it’s for
Providers, quality improvement managers, front office staff, billing and coding staff.

Key take-aways:

The tools you need to start improving your encounter submission may be more accessible than you think! To get started, gather what’s available in the following categories:

  1. Resources from your contracted health plans referring to timely and accurate claims and encounter data submission
  2. Policies documenting your organization’s current coding and billing processes
  3. EHR templates from your EHR vendor
  4. P4P, HEDIS, or quality measures scorecards from your health plans (or from IHA’s AMP program if you’re an AMP participant)
  5. Supporting materials from your clearinghouse to address errors and rejections

Date published
March 2022

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