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Developed by CMA Physician Services, this resource highlights best practices and interventions shown to improve the encounter data submission process. It helps staff at provider practices optimize their encounter data capture and submission processes by understanding common errors and promising ways to resolve them.


California Medical Association Physician Services (CMA PSO)

Why use it
Learn from industry leaders and peers on how they established and improved their encounter data submission processes. Use the resource to help address current issues and brainstorm ideas to improve process efficiency and accuracy.

Who it’s for
This spreadsheet is intended for front office, back office, billing, and administrative staff at provider practices in California serving patients with commercial, Medi-Cal, and Medicare coverage.

Key take-aways

This resource summarizes a variety of encounter data best practices and data interventions to help provider practices identify and address common issues. It includes the following sections:

  • Best practices organized by topic and audience
  • Articles and presentations of example solutions to common encounter data submission problems
  • Summary of common errors in encounter data submission

Date published
February 2023

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