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Developed by CMA Physician Services, this toolkit gives provider practices a comprehensive, foundational toolkit to onboard staff who are new to the encounter data submission process. The Onboarding Toolkit includes an overview of the encounter data capture and submission process and suggested practice workflows. Use this toolkit to optimize how your provider practice’s business office prepares and submits encounter data to your IPA, health plan, or regulatory authority.

Download and customize

California Medical Association Physician Services (CMA PSO)

Why use it
The toolkit serves as a starting point for both new and existing staff for learning and discussing encounter data submission requirements, staff responsibilities, and the process and tools used. It is customizable so it can be rebranded and integrated into a provider practice’s current training and development materials.

Who it’s for
The toolkit is intended for staff across a provider practice, including those with roles as front office, back office, providers, and business office staff. The toolkit is prepared for provider practices in California serving patients with commercial, Medi-Cal, and Medicare coverage.

Key take-aways:

This customizable toolkit seeks to comprehensively introduce provider practice staff to encounter data submission. It includes the following sections:

  • What encounter data is and how it is captured and submitted
  • Value and impact of encounter data
  • Key questions to better understand the current encounter data submission process
  • Helpful online resources, including from major California Medi-Cal health plans

Date published
February 2023

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