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By accessing or using the Web site operated by the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) you agree to be bound by this privacy policy and also by our terms of use. Protecting your privacy is important to us. The following statement will help you understand how IHA collects, uses, and safeguards the personal information you may provide on our Web site.

Unregistered Users ("Visitors")

If a Web site user ("visitor") is not registered for the IHA mailing list, then we do not collect any personally identifiable information from that user. However, we do log the Internet address of each visitor's computer (the IP address) to give us an idea of which pages of our Web site are visited most often, how much time is spent on each page, which files are downloaded, and the type of computer and operating system used. We aggregate this information to determine which parts of the site are being visited most frequently and which files are being downloaded most often. IHA collects data on visitor's computer type and operating system to make sure our Web sites work well with a wide variety of hardware and software. IHA does not link individual IP addresses to any personally identifiable data.

Registered Users

Those who sign up to be on an IHA mailing list or to attend IHA events must provide their name and email address. We also ask for a company name, your title, postal address, and telephone number. This information is kept strictly confidential, in a secured environment. IHA's use of this information is strictly limited. We do not keep personally identifiable information on user activity on our Web site. IHA complies with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) anti-spam laws. Email address lists are never shared with any other organization.

IHA sends emails to registered users announcing news and events related to IHA. Registered users have the option of selecting topics on which they are interested in receiving information. If a registered user receives a text-format email, we do not track how you use it. If a user receives an HTML-format email, we track whether the email was opened and which links the user clicked on, if any. We use this information to determine the efficacy of our public outreach. At any time, a registered user may unsubscribe from the email list by clicking the "unsubscribe" button in any email. To simplify our communications to users, IHA may use third-party vendors. All third-party vendors are required to adhere to privacy policies consistent with the IHA privacy policy, and to comply with all Federal anti-spam laws.

Our privacy policy is designed to protect users from having their personal information used in a manner that they might find undesirable. IHA strictly forbids the sharing, selling, and/or renting of registered user contact information. IHA does not contract with any advertising or marketing agencies to gather individual or group profile information on our visitors based on their personal profile.

Use of Cookies

"Cookies" are small text files a Web site can put on a user's computer to recognize repeat visitors. The computer of each visitor to receives a cookie unless the user blocks the cookie. No personal information is contained in the cookie and no personal information is kept on any non-registered user. Registered users have cookies placed on their computers, which IHA uses to track downloads and email readership, as noted above. To improve our Web sites, IHA may use a third-party vendor to help analyze Web site traffic. No personally identifiable information is ever shared with a third-party vendor.

If you have any questions about security on our Web site, please submit your request to This privacy statement is subject to change.

General Provisions

IHA is not liable or responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on its Web site. We assume no liability or responsibility for any damages arising from a visitor's use of, or inability to use, a site. The contents are provided as general information only and are not intended as medical or legal advice. IHA makes no warranty, either express or implied, regarding the completeness, accuracy, or currency of this information or its suitability for any particular purpose. Some of the information or material on this site may be affected by current legislative, regulatory, judicial, or other developments which are not reflected here; you should not rely solely on the information on this site, but should confirm that it remains complete and correct before relying upon it.

In addition, our Web site may contain hypertext links to other Web sites. Such links are provided for your convenience and are not intended as an endorsement by IHA of the organizations operating those sites. IHA is not responsible for the information those sites contain, nor their privacy practices. IHA may also post material prepared by other organizations and individuals not employed by IHA for informational purposes. IHA does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in such material and we are not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, or currency of the information. IHA reserves the right to alter the content of any of its sites and to terminate a site at any time without notice.

Linking To

IHA copyrighted text and files (including our reports and other documents) may not be uploaded to other Web sites, news groups, or electronic mailing lists without special permission. Instead, other sites are encouraged to link to our Web pages. While permission is not required for linking to our sites, we do ask that you send us a courtesy notice informing us that a link is being established.


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Copyrights and Reuse Permissions

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You can obtain permission to use our content by submitting a request to Please include the title, author, Web address, and how you plan to use the reprint. Permission is not required for sending a copy of a publication to colleagues.

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Any use of "Integrated Healthcare Association" or the text or graphic materials contained in this Web site in any manner to express or imply endorsement, sponsorship, affiliation, or association of the user with or by the Integrated Healthcare Association, is strictly prohibited.


IHA does not accept or provide advertising on this web site.


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